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Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral was built for the people of Liverpool, paid for by the people of Liverpool.

It stands as one of the great buildings of the world, a place in many people’s affections. Described as one of the world’s great buildings it dominates the cityscape as one of Liverpool’s iconic buildings. It inspires the world. Liverpool Cathedral is a place of faith.

A place of worship for generations past and generations to come. A place where the community comes together in joy, grief and commemoration. A place for tourists and visitors, concerts and events, for quiet reflection and to meet and great friends. Above all it is a place where all are welcomed.

Liverpool Cathedral receives no regular government funding or direct funding from the Church of England. We have no significant endowments. We rely on the generosity of visitors, supporters and volunteers to fund our work and keep us free for all to enter, We face a major fabric challenge. Our massive roof,majestic tower and beautiful windows are in urgent need of work. We must act now to pass this building to future generations in first class condition.

We aspire to enhance our capacity to serve the city and region.