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NYAS is charity providing support and legal services for vulnerable children and young people who have nowhere else to turn.

The children and young people we work with might be in care, disabled, subject to child protection plans or have mental health difficulties. We work to ensure that children and young people are listened to and that their voices are heard when important decisions are being made about them. NYAS is also a Community Legal Service Help Point with its own family law practice.

With the support of our legal services we are able to ensure children’s wishes and feelings are taken into account and their rights respected. Our case workers are skilled at communicating with children and have been instrumental in achieving good outcomes for the children and young people we represent. We operate a network of volunteer independent visitors who befriend children and young people being looked after by their local authority, either in residential or foster care. Independent of the care system these volunteers provide support and encouragement in all areas of life and they provide a stable, constant relationship for children in care.

A key access point to our services is via our national Helpline. The Helpline responds to requests for advocacy, legal advice and independent visiting services. At times our service simply provides a child or young person with someone to talk to. NYAS also runs a number of projects for young people to get involved with including participation, peer advocacy and peer mentoring.