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YMCA Liverpool

YMCA Liverpool have been supporting the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in the city for 170 years.

We currently provide a range of support services to vulnerable individuals and families. We work with homeless individuals, we provide support and accommodation to people with complex needs. We provide support at 2 refuges for women and children fleeing or at risk from domestic abuse.

Over the past few years we have been working towards becoming a psychologically informed service. As well as providing accommodation for people in need we also offer opportunities at our Dutch Farm Project. This currently has a range of activities available on site including:

  • Low impact sports - archery, cycling, mini golf, trim trail
  • Therapeutic Horticulture
  • Commercial Growing
  • Healthy Eating and Living
  • Animal Care

We are raising funds for the Dutch Farm to enable us to provide these opportunities for the maximum number of people. Dutch Farm offers long term alternatives to people who have been multiply excluded.

The people we support exhibit immense bravery, tenacity and courage in forging their own paths and turning their lives around. We believe that everyone has the ability to change and in promoting choice and independence our end goal is to instil hope, build self efficacy and support service users to grow, develop and create positive sustainable futures for themselves.