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Spotlight on... Liverpool Cathedral

As we enter a new year, we're continuing to look at our member charities and the fantastic work that they carry out across the city. To start us off in 2016, we turn to Liverpool Cathedral and their impact in Liverpool.

An imposing, iconic building that dominates the Liverpool landscape, Liverpool Cathedral has a way to make its presence felt. But this architectural wonder offers more than simply being one of the city's great landmarks. From our spacious gothic arches to our magnificent organ to the tallest tower with spectacular views and the highest and heaviest peal of bells, Liverpool Cathedral is a place that amazes all who visit.

Liverpool Cathedral is a vibrant, active community hub. We are a place that the people of Merseyside turn to in moments of sorrow and joy. A place or graduations, funerals, civic services. A place that supports the rhythm of city life. A place with a fine choral tradition. A place which is important in the hearts and minds of so many in the city and beyond.

Liverpool Cathedral was built by the people of Merseyside for the people of Merseyside. It was a gigantic city effort to construct a building that withstood two world wars and has come to symbolise the pride of this great city.

Today we stand on the shoulders of the giants that helped build our cathedral. Liverpool Cathedral does not receive any regular government funding or have any large endowments so we rely on our enterprise and the spirit of generosity that led to our creation.

Maintaining our building isn't cheap but is necessary. Without it we would not be able to be an awe inspiring place for the city. We want to have the resources to make sure that our building is structurally sound, our organ in tip top condition and that we are able to reach out into the community.

Your legacy matters. It matters because it can make a difference. It can make sure that we remain an iconic resource for the city. It can give a young person the once in a lifetime experience of being part of a world renowned choir. It can support us in the work we do through projects like our Foodbank supporting the vulnerable.

Our founders left a legacy that made a huge difference. Your legacy can do the same. We look forward to hearing from you.

To find out more about how you can support Liverpool Cathedral, please visit our website at or contact Tina Morris, on 0151 702 7226,

You can also follow us on Twitter @livcathedral or like us on Facebook at