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Your gifts to Liverpool

As part of Remember a Charity week, Legacy Liverpool held an event at the Liverpool Central Library on Tuesday 13th September.

the day was to give people more information about the importance of gifts in Wills and to find out what others would leave to Liverpool. Our wish tree, was full of tags, all answering the question "What would you leave to Liverpool?" Some of the gifts you would leave included:

  • I would leave my clothes to my sister
  • I would leave a gift to my favourite Liverpool charity
  • I would leave a world view in everything we do
  • I leave my Smiths 7" collection
  • A thank you for the music and wish for continuation
  • To my daughter, I leave Liverpool as her home town (from a Southener who arrived here five years ago)
  • I leave Liverpool amazing love and life
  • I would leave the pot of gold at Rainbows end as I won't need it!

As well as these wishes, we were also out with our cameras finding out what others around the city would leave

If you would like to share what you would leave to Liverpool, let us know on Facebook or Twitter and let us know using the hashtag #youcanttakeitwithyou